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  • Jeff Harrington says:

    Congrats on your recent success..your guitars are beautiful..real art..!!I’m hoping that one day I’ll own one of these beauties.Good Luck & Rock On !!!!

  • nick dipiazza says:

    Hi i think im in love with the customlite model, could you by any chance give me a price on it? i couldnt get out to that part of new york unless i knew what i was doing for how much. thank you very much, and i hope to hear from you soon 🙂
    by the way, your guitars are problably the most beautiful things ive ever seen in my life, i hope to be a proud owner one day

    • Dan says:

      Hey Nick,
      Thanks for the kind words. The Customlite model has been upgraded with a 3way toggle switch that features the new push/push pots that splits the coils and provides a wide variety of sounds.I was never a big fan of the 5-way rotary. The list price on this guitar is $5,000. If you have interest in this call me and I can offer you a nice discounted price.
      I do have this exact guitar in stock and ready to go.

  • bryan arzaga says:

    just wondering what are the different prices for your guitars?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Bryan, thanks for the inquiry, Pricing starts at $1,200 goes up tp $5,000
      Any Addtion questions or concerns please feel free to call 315-430-1777

  • Harvey says:

    I really like wht i see and hear, my question is what do the prices range from? Also I really like the custom lite series, what if i wanted a whammy bar would that be possible? thank you for taking the time….. Harvey..

    • Dan says:

      Hi Harvey, Thanks for your interest in Dishaw Guitars,
      Pricing ranges from $1,800 up to $5,000 please note these are all neck thru body designs, Much for difficult to build but will worth it in tone an sustain.
      Unfortunately the thinner body will not support a tremolo but we can use materials that will be lighter in weight. Any question or concerns please feel free to contact us at ant time.

  • Keith says:

    Greetings Dishaw Team!

    Stopped by your booth at the CNY show – you had a Les Paul Special double cut type model on display – is that something that is in production, soon to be, or just a few one-off prototypes? Thanks for your contribution of fine instruments to the market – from the ‘Cuse!

    Clay, NY

  • william giovanni says:

    What do you have available for sale and price range for say end of Jan 12

  • Chris says:

    Just curious what single coils are used on the mk1.


  • ted jackson says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on my Strat. That guitar practically plays itself! I wailed
    on it for an hour saturday and another hour on sunday, relentlessly working the trem, and I haven’t touched a
    tuning key yet! You the MAN!

    • Dan says:

      Hey Ted, Just a joy to see you after all these years, thanks for the business and all the kind words, best of luck with your up coming procedure and please know if there is anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to call at any time.

  • David Herman says:

    I was at your shop with my daughter a few years ago to evaluate a 12 string guitar. We have a 50’s era harmony that I would like to have restored and would like to make an appointment with you to look at it.
    Thank you,
    Dave Herman

  • Ron says:

    Hi Dan –
    I have a 1996 Epiphone LP.
    I have had tuning and intonation problems ever since I had GC in Dewit replace my nut.
    I was told by a friend guitarist that the slots were cut to deep and could be the reason for my problems. Can you please estimate for me what it would cost to replace the nut with a good synthetic nut and how long would you have to have it in your shop?
    Thank you.
    Liverpool, NY

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