We will post various repairs as they come in and are what is consider informative and of interest to all you players out there. It is hard enough to learn to play an instrument, let me set your baby up to your playing style. It will not cost you a thing to have me look at it and offer an opinion.

This is a brand new Gibson Songwriter that has a bridge saddle that was not cut properly. The saddle is way to thin for the slot which will reduce the downward pressure on the top and will result in a lose of tone and gain and will not vibrate the top correctly.  I have seen it where the bridge will crack because of the excessive forward pulling of the strings. Not Good.

The fix is to re-carve a compensated saddle that will fit the slot perfectly without any movement or slop.

First step is to ensure the bottom is perfectly flat.

Here is the completed carved compensated saddle that fits perfect to the bridge slot

 Here is a nice LP from Rochester, NY. the fingerboard had a lot of wear in the 3rd  to 7th positions. So needless to say all the frets had to be removed, the fingerboard and to be trued, install new frets, carve a new bone nut. We then set the guitar up for fairly low action but we prefer doing all final adjustments while you are here and then we set the scale length.

Here is a very old Guild that has a tremendous amount of sentimental value to the customer. The action is way to high and may be the result of a inadequate neck angle to the body. There may be the possibility the neck will have to be removed and reset with  a more positive angle. We will see

Here I heat up the frets in the event they have been glued in so they will not pull up bits of the FB.

Good Idea to throw some super glue along the top of the fret slots