Saturday June 3rd 2023


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  • Jeff Harrington says:

    Congrats on your recent success..your guitars are beautiful..real art..!!I’m hoping that one day I’ll own one of these beauties.Good Luck & Rock On !!!!

  • nick dipiazza says:

    Hi i think im in love with the customlite model, could you by any chance give me a price on it? i couldnt get out to that part of new york unless i knew what i was doing for how much. thank you very much, and i hope to hear from you soon 🙂
    by the way, your guitars are problably the most beautiful things ive ever seen in my life, i hope to be a proud owner one day

    • Dan says:

      Hey Nick,
      Thanks for the kind words. The Customlite model has been upgraded with a 3way toggle switch that features the new push/push pots that splits the coils and provides a wide variety of sounds.I was never a big fan of the 5-way rotary. The list price on this guitar is $5,000. If you have interest in this call me and I can offer you a nice discounted price.
      I do have this exact guitar in stock and ready to go.

  • bryan arzaga says:

    just wondering what are the different prices for your guitars?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Bryan, thanks for the inquiry, Pricing starts at $1,200 goes up tp $5,000
      Any Addtion questions or concerns please feel free to call 315-430-1777

  • Harvey says:

    I really like wht i see and hear, my question is what do the prices range from? Also I really like the custom lite series, what if i wanted a whammy bar would that be possible? thank you for taking the time….. Harvey..

    • Dan says:

      Hi Harvey, Thanks for your interest in Dishaw Guitars,
      Pricing ranges from $1,800 up to $5,000 please note these are all neck thru body designs, Much for difficult to build but will worth it in tone an sustain.
      Unfortunately the thinner body will not support a tremolo but we can use materials that will be lighter in weight. Any question or concerns please feel free to contact us at ant time.

  • Keith says:

    Greetings Dishaw Team!

    Stopped by your booth at the CNY show – you had a Les Paul Special double cut type model on display – is that something that is in production, soon to be, or just a few one-off prototypes? Thanks for your contribution of fine instruments to the market – from the ‘Cuse!

    Clay, NY

  • william giovanni says:

    What do you have available for sale and price range for say end of Jan 12

  • Chris says:

    Just curious what single coils are used on the mk1.


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