Jett Killingbeck

Jett is one of my oldest and dearest friends, he has been a loyal customer for 30 plus years and it was just a joy and treat to build this instrument for such a talented guitar player as, “the Jetstir”. Jett is left handed but plays a right handed guitar upside down, and plays the hell out of it.

Here is Jett in the setup room going through the procedures to dial this in for him, so that it is set up and plays just the way he likes it, set the scale length and your good to go, can’t wait to here him out on a gig.

Jett out for the first time playing his new guitar. THe 7th annual Hammond Jammin show at the Dinosaur BBQ. Lot’s of bands playing all day, it was great fun to see friends from long ago and to watch Jett. He rocked the house down

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