Reached Double Digits Serial No’s 010 and 011

Pictured from left to right are serial numbers 010 and 011. These are both highly figured maple tops, one on the left is a superb example of tiger maple and the one on the right is a very unique combination of quilted and tiger flame. Both pieces of wood are indigenous to the Washington and Oregon State regions. Both guitars feature a mahogany neck thru  in a one piece mahogany body and of course  3D craved maple tops. Guitar on left will have a Wilkinson Tremolo System, two push/push split coil tap vol/tone controls and a 5 way mega switch.  The  guitar on right is a left handed model and will feature all Tone-Pro Hardware hard tail with T.O.M locking bridge system. Also will include the push/push split coil tap vol/tone  controls.

The right handed guitar was built under the guidelines and specification of Dr. Joe Jewell. The lefty was designed under the guidelines and specifications for Jett Killingbeck. Jett is a very unique guitar player who plays the guitar left handed and upside down, and plays the heck out of it. Dr Jewell is a  Grammy winner and is truly one of the best players I have had the privilege to serve. All that remains is some frets, a FB nut,  locate scale lengths, set hardware locations and prep wood for sealer and colors. It has been a pleasure to build these instruments for these two talented players.

Please stay tuned as I will post pictures of these completed guitars within the next few weeks.

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