Published: Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 3:43 PM    The Post Standard
Photo by Frank Ordoñez/The Post-Standard

Syracuse guitar maker Dan Dishaw had good news as he called me on his cell phone from the Syracuse Inner Harbor.

“He likes that silver one. As I knew he would. That’s his favorite right now,” Dishaw said as lead guitarist Mark Kendall of rock band Great White played during the sound check for tonight’s Wednesdays on the Water show at the Inner Harbor.

“I’m sure it’s going to be a go,” Dishaw said. “He’s liking it. I think he’s going with it for the show.”

As I wrote in Monday’s Post-Standard, Dishaw built three guitars on specifications from Kendall. Kendall said if he liked the way they sounded, he’d not only use one during tonight’s show, but he’d enter into a business arrangement with Dishaw.

“If he wants two, I’ll give him two,” Dishaw says. “If he wants three, I’ll give him three. But I would like to sell one of them.

“Whatever he wants is fine with me. He’s liking the way it feels and sounds,” Dishaw said. “We’ll start a business plan and see what happens.”

Pictured: Mark Kendal playing in Las Vegas with his Dishaw Guitar.

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