A goose bump moment: Mark Kendall roars with a Dishaw guitar

Published: Friday, June 25, 2010, 12:00 AM

Dan Dishaw says goose bumps ran up his arms when Mark Kendall of Great White stepped on the stage at the Syracuse Inner Harbor on Wednesday using a guitar Dishaw had built for him in his Bellevue Avenue shop.

“I did, indeed. I got a little touched,” Dishaw said Thursday, recalling the moment when Kendall began using the silver guitar for real. “I had my family there. I had my wife, (two of their four) kids, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. It was a real treat to see my guitar up there with such a talented player.”

Dishaw built three guitars to Kendall’s specification, after months of trading e-mails to make sure the guitar-builder knew what the guitar-player wanted.

Kendall took the silver model with him, to continue to use during this tour. Dishaw will ship the tobacco sunburst model to Kendall’s home in California. And, Dishaw can sell the white model. Dishaw says he and Kendall will continue business negotiations.

“We talked about coming up with a signature series guitar for him. We’ll come up with a business model for it.’’ Basically, Kendall would endorse the guitar line and receive a percentage from each guitar in the line that Dishaw sells.

“He is a true musician,” the Syracuse native says of the rocker. “He made that guitar sound wonderful.”

Click here to listen to Great White: Lady Love

In fact, says Dishaw, another of his guitars sounded fantastic on stage Wednesday night. Kevin Farrell, lead guitarist for Syracuse rock band Kane, also used a Dishaw-made guitar.

Dishaw said he worked on Farrell’s guitars when Dishaw was a technician at the now-defunct Gerber Music. And now they’ll talk about Dishaw building a special model for Farrell.

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Photos courtesy of Dan Dishaw. Mark Kendall of Great White plays the guitar built specially for him by Dan Dishaw of Syracuse on Wednesday, June 23rd at the Inner Harbor.

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