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We have 40 years of training and experience in the repair and restoration of all types of string instruments. Services the we provide. Set ups; adjust the playability to you playing style. Set the string action, adjust the truss rod, nut and bridge to produce more uniform playability though out the entire length of the fingerboard, then set the scale length to a precise intonation.

Complete re-fretting of any fretted instrument. Resurface and true fingerboards, Change the fingerboard radius. Replace fingerboard
Exotic Fingerboard inlays. Level and Profile frets. Carve new fingerboard nuts/saddles. Rewire controls. Replace pickups. New Tuners
Complete refinishing or repair finish. Reset neck angles, Acoustic or electrics. Dings, dents, cracks, scratches. Broken head-stocks or necks. Custom routering.
Full CAD/CAM design service, if you can dream it I can build it, and we can re-manufacture any missing parts or pieces to your baby.

This is a brand new Gibson Songwriter that has a bridge saddle that was not cut properly. The saddle is way to thin for the slot which will reduce the downward pressure on the top and will result in a lose of tone and gain and will not vibrate the top correctly. Not only that I have seen it where the bridge will crack because of the excessive forward pulling of the strings. Not Good.

The fix is to re-carve a compensated saddle that will fit the slot perfectly without any movement or slop.

First step is to ensure the bottom is perfectly flat.

 Here is the completed carved compensated saddle that fits perfect to the bridge slot

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Manufacture of Fine Billiard Cues, Custom Guitars/Basses, Restoration work on most string Instruments, DanBuilt Cases, the ultimate in road case protection.

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